Why We Compete

March 26, 2021

If you’ve been to class recently, you’ve probably heard something about the Festivus Games (psst, Fearless is hosting April 24!). A competition for “the rest of us,” this three-person team event is open to everyone, and there’s even a virtual option!

Have you signed up yet? If you’re on the fence—or completely off the fence, not even in the yard—here are five reasons you should consider getting out there on the competition floor!

It gives you something to work toward. This is your chance to show your stuff! It’s like the yearly dance recital in dance class. Training can take on a whole new meaning when you are working towards a goal and working with intention.

It will push you. Because competition IS and SHOULD be different than class. Training and competition are two very different mindsets. We spend most of our time training (e.g. in class). Competing is a whole new skill. You will likely experience an extra boost (or two) of adrenaline, which enables you to push that extra 10%.

It will make you better. Ever wonder why monopolies are illegal? Actually, there are a few reasons, but the point is, a competitive field benefits EVERYONE.

It helps you set new goals. Competition can be a great benchmark. It lets you know where exactly you are in your fitness journey. Once you have your benchmark, you can start working towards a new one!

It’s fun! There is no better feeling than throwing down with your friends. You know this, because that’s what keeps you coming back to Fearless! Shared experience is a powerful thing.

So grab two of your friends and head over to www.festivusgames.com to sign up. It’s going to be a blast!

Written by Coach Natalie Lewis

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