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April 2021

Win The Morning, Win The Day!


The all-too familiar sound of your morning alarm. Followed by the all-too familiar reach for the snooze button. “I’m working from home, why not log a few extra minutes of sleep, my body clearly needs it,” right? Believe it or not, our bodies and minds actually crave routine. It makes us feel calm and [...]

Win The Morning, Win The Day!2021-04-16T12:02:05+00:00

CrossFit Games Open: Wrap Up


Congratulations to all of our members and coaches who participated in this year’s CrossFit Games Open! We saw three weeks of fun, friendly competition, many PRs, and the return of Friday Night Lights. Though the competition ends here for most of us, we can’t help but reflect back on some big wins. Catch up [...]

CrossFit Games Open: Wrap Up2021-04-02T09:01:50+00:00

March 2021

Member Update: Class Sizes & Schedule Updates


The City of Philadelphia has expanded capacity limitations for group fitness in Philadelphia to max 15 athletes + staff per location. At Fearless have decided to stay below max capacity to provide better protection for both staff and athletes. Effective next Monday, 3/15, we are increasing class sizes and making schedule changes to accommodate member [...]

Member Update: Class Sizes & Schedule Updates2021-03-10T13:40:32+00:00

Your Crash Course to IIFYM


Have you ever found yourself scrolling social media or fitness websites and wondering what IIFYM means? Or maybe you know it means “if it fits your macros” ... but you aren’t really sure what macros actually are. Consider this your overly simplified crash course.   Macros - short for macronutrients—are the three groups or [...]

Your Crash Course to IIFYM2021-03-03T11:13:26+00:00

February 2021

Baby, It’s Cold Outside


It’s that time of year again: Snow. Ice. Sleet. Slippery sidewalks, a frigid pull-up bar, and cold barbells. We’re in the thick of winter, and while many of us are still determined to make it to the gym, you might have noticed your body is operating at a slightly slower pace than your mind. [...]

Baby, It’s Cold Outside2021-02-25T09:36:52+00:00

Member Spotlight: James Langel


Anyone who’s been to a 7 AM class at South Philly knows James Langel and his signature sense of humor. But recently, you might have been wondering where he’s been. Unfortunately, James had a skiing accident that left him with a broken leg and ankle. So for those of you missing your daily dose [...]

Member Spotlight: James Langel2021-02-17T13:50:17+00:00

Deciding to Re-Affiliate with CrossFit


CrossFit has a new mission: to be the world's leading platform for health, happiness, and performance. It has a new owner, Eric Roza—and we've been listening carefully to what he has to say. Firstly, we like that Roza defines health as “being 'pain free' and living a long life” and performance as “being able [...]

Deciding to Re-Affiliate with CrossFit2021-02-08T14:06:38+00:00

January 2021

How’s it Going?


Ok it’s the end of January, almost one month into 2021. So how’s it going? Time to check in. If you set a goal for the new year, or even just for January, are you close to accomplishing what you set out to do? The intention isn’t to make you feel guilty or try to [...]

How’s it Going?2021-01-27T10:04:49+00:00

What Can You Control?


We are only one week into 2021 and what a week it’s been. Pervasive angst is running rampant on social and mainstream media, around the family dinner table, and within friend groups. At times it feels like we are living in alternate 1985 from Back to the Future II (if you didn’t get that [...]

What Can You Control?2021-01-14T09:22:23+00:00

New Year, Still Fearless


Welcome back to the box and to a new year full of fresh horizons and exciting possibilities. Hopefully everyone is feeling recharged and ready to take on the next chapter in your respective health and fitness journeys. Maybe you even have a few goals for 2021? And if you don’t, it’s pretty hard to [...]

New Year, Still Fearless2021-01-07T12:01:45+00:00