New to Fearless

Fearless Athletics On Ramp

At Fearless Athletics, we help you find the programming that is the best fit for you. Our workouts are trainer-led group classes designed to help you reach your goals, and build a solid foundation to move more athletically and with confidence.

What’s Right For Me?

We found the best place for most people to begin is our OnRamp. The OnRamp welcomes new (and new again) athletes to the gym, invites a place for questions and allows everyone an equal place to start.

If you’ve wondered about high-intensity functional fitness workouts in a group class setting or wanted to get connected with a barbell club, OnRamp sets you up for that. Lifted before, but it’s been a while? Have some injuries? Have no idea but want to? We got you covered in OnRamp!


In your first month of membership at Fearless Athletics you’ll establish a workout routine, develop a relationship with your trainers, and get to know the other athletes in our community.  This important period can be a hectic one, so as you get started it’s important that you have a clear path to guide you toward success.   Just like an entrance ramp would get you safely onto a busy highway, our OnRamp membership is the best route to get you started on your fitness journey.

Your OnRamp Membership Includes:

Fundamental Movement Series (6 sessions)

  • Complete during first 2 weeks of membership
  • Experience in-depth teaching of Fearless Athletics’ Foundational Movements
  • Ensure your ability to complete your workout safely
  • Learn tools and strategies to scale your workouts based on your ability
  • Discover methods to improve your flexibility and mobility
  • Understand our primary Functional Fitness workout tracks: Strength Bias & Intensity Bias
  • Form a community of peers
  • Download & use our membership app, Zen Planner

All-Inclusive Membership
(unlimited workouts)

  • Start any time.
  • Participate in Fearless Athletics classes & Open Gym sessions.
  • Refine the skills learned in Fundamental Movement classes
  • Learn new exercises and skill progressions
  • Progress to more challenging workout scaling
  • Meet and work with other trainers
  • Participate in the larger Fearless community
  • Build consistency in your workout routine
  • Download & use our digital workout log, SugarWOD

The highlight of our OnRamp program is our series of Fundamental Movement classes.  These six workshops are led by a certified trainer and introduce the form and range of motion for the most common exercises you’ll encounter at Fearless.  In Fundamental Movement classes you’ll be working alongside other athletes who are new to Fearless and will have plenty of opportunity to break the movements down to their core components as you set a strong foundation for your fitness.  Fundamental Movement classes prepare you to participate in our regular classes safely and will help any athlete improve their movement efficiency.  It’s recommended that you attend all six Fundamental Movement classes within the first two weeks of your membership. 

Along with access to the Fundamental Movement series, your OnRamp membership provides a one-month All-Inclusive membership; you’re able to attend unlimited workouts in any of our group fitness classes and open gym sessions.  With the All-Inclusive membership you’ll get a clear picture of our programming options and have a chance to meet the other athletes and trainers in our community.


When does the membership start?
Your OnRamp membership begins on the same day that you register, and you may begin working out right away.  If you’d like to postpone your start date please contact us by email within 48 hours of your registration to let us know what date you’d like the membership to begin.

What if I need to cancel?
You may cancel your OnRamp membership within 48 hours of registration and receive a full refund, provided no classes have been taken.  Otherwise memberships are non-refundable.  If circumstances require you to be absent for a week or longer we will gladly pause your membership while you’re away.

Do I have to attend the fundamental movement classes?
New Members must complete all 6 Fundamental Movement sessions during your first month of membership.  We highly recommend completing them within the first two weeks if possible.

What if I can’t attend on the days/times you’re offering Fundamental Movement classes?
You can complete our Fundamental Movement series one-on-one with a personal trainer at times that fit your schedule.  Personal training rates apply.  Click here to register for a private OnRamp.

What happens after I finish the OnRamp?
Upon completion of your OnRamp membership, your membership automatically renews as our All-Inclusive membership for your convenience. Your membership may be changed or canceled at any time before the renewal date.

I’ve done CrossFit before.  Do I need to complete the Fundamental Movement series?
If you have less than 3 months’ experience at another CrossFit affiliate we recommend taking the course as a refresher to build upon what you’ve already learned.  Folks with more than 3 months experience can click here to find out about our Skills Assessment , where a trainer works with you to determine if you’re eligible to bypass the Fundamental Movement training.

Can I start with a different membership option?
The OnRamp membership is the starting point for all members who are new to Functional Fitness. In addition to providing access to the Fundamental Movement series, the unlimited workouts in any of Fearless Athletics’ classes is the best way to get an idea of the full scope of our programming.  We encourage you to use your first month to take full advantage of the chance to try as many classes as possible and to use our Open Gym hours to practice the skills they’ve learned.  If you find during your OnRamp month that you still don’t want unlimited workouts through our All-Inclusive membership you can change your renewal membership to any of our other options.  Simply email us before the renewal to let us know which membership option you’d prefer.


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