Frequently Asked Questions

Intensity Bias workouts feature all of the same components of CrossFit with an emphasis on building cardiovascular endurance and muscular stamina. We remove all barbell components (squats, presses, deadlifts, Olympic Weightlifting) of the CrossFit regimen. We then add in the use of dumbbells and many bodyweight exercises to complement the kettlebell work, medicine ball movements, running, rowing, jumping and more. The result is a fast-paced conditioning program consisting of interval and circuit training that keeps you moving quickly for most of the session.

Drop-Ins with prior CrossFit experience are welcome to join us for a workout while in town.  Individual drop-ins are $20 or you can purchase a one-week membership for $50.  Please note that all athletes must provide proof of Covid-19 vaccination in order to participate in Fearless Athletics’ programming.

Typically, our membership packages are month-to-month under an agreement that you will be auto-billed on the same day each month. If you need to cancel for any reason, simply notify us before your next bill date and we will cancel the membership at no additional charge.  If you’d like to commit to a multi-month membership, our All-Inclusive membership can provide you with unlimited workouts and other exclusive benefits for three months.

Yes! We allow for our members to place their memberships on a temporary hold so they are not paying for unused time. Holds must be a minimum of seven days and a maximum of three months. Members are required to email us before the desired hold period and must provide a start and end date for the hold.

Our Strength Bias programming is designed using the CrossFit methodology and places a focus on strength training.  In any given workout, participants will spend time strength training (Squats, Presses, and Deadlifts) or Olympic lifting (Cleans, Jerks, & Snatches).  When the lifting session is finished we increase the intensity with a conditioning workout that may include weightlifting, gymnastics & bodyweight movements, and cardiovascular training.  The result is a well-balanced workout that helps participants become stronger, faster, and more powerful.