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Functional Fitness

Build strength, increase endurance and develop power in these varied workouts designed to be performed at high intensity.


The Fearless Barbell Club’s Olympic and powerlifting program is focused on strength development to take your lifting to the next level.

Community Programs

Fearless Athetics is proud to host diverse and accessible programming for youth, recovery communities, and more.

Personal Training

Do your best with 1:1 personal training!  Improve your skill & performance and see the benefits of complete, personalized attention.



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If you’re just starting your fitness journey our OnRamp program sets you up for success. Experienced? We’ll review your skills and get you started!



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Once you’ve completed your OnRamp or Skills Assessment you will be ready to jump into Fearless programming safely and get the most out of your effort.



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Hear what our members have to say:

“I was here for a competition and the staff and facilities were so amazing. Both my partner and I have shoulder injuries that developed after we signed up to compete. My partner emailed them asking what we can do, and they informed us we can scale the work outs, as long as we are okay with not getting scored for it. When we arrived on competition day, they immediately were asking what we needed, how we need to scale it, and what won’t hurt. We ended up scaling 2 of the work outs with different weights and/or movements. We were so grateful that they were willing to accommodate us and allow us to still participate “

– Jamie H.

“Fearless Athletics has truly helped me build upper body strength. I have been a member for half a year and already notice how this athletic community has helped me grow mentally and physically. I feel challenged during work outs and see myself taking simple steps in each workout to grow each day. I feel surrounded by a strong community that checks in on me, everyone is friendly. The programming is great because there are three different types of work outs daily. The gym is in a safe location.”

– Emily C.

“It’s a great facility with great coaches. I stopped by as a drop in on a day in which Andrew was coaching. He and the members were more than welcoming! The way that the class is split up with a warmup, stretch, and the actual wod is similar to what my gym does and you don’t feel rushed throughout with more than enough attention from the Andrew. Would definitely drop by again! “

– Elta

“Great Location, facility and coach- enjoyed doing a morning walk-in during my trip to Philly this weekend. Covid safe- really appreciated that proof of vaccination is required for entry. Will was awesome and the community was very welcoming. Thank you for the great experience!”

– Eugenia W.


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