by Steve Casano

Coming to us originally from Montgomery County Pennsylvania, more specifically Warrington, PA is long time member, first time interviewee, Gianna Paone! Gianna has been here since Philadelphia’s founding in 1682, which some say is even older than fearless athletics itself! In all seriousness, Gianna has been with us since 2014! To put this in perspective, when she first joined Taylor Swift had just released Black Space and Robin WIlliams was still with us… seems like a lifetime ago!

While she has an intense gymnastics and running background, Gianna has been focusing on strength and form in the recent years, which has really increased her swing speed in golf. Whether or not that’s a good thing truly depends on her scorecard at the end of the round, but she says that it has taught her patience, which she’s then applied to her snatching.

While living in Philly Gianna thrives on the large selection of Mexican restaurants throughout South Philly, while also making sure to take time with her significant other and go out on the town (or at least back when we all could).

You can find Gianna in one of our evening classes most days of the week, so the next time you see her, introduce yourself and say Hi! Maybe she could give you a tip to improve your golf game.