Just you and the barbell. Focused, you step up while your friends and gym members watch. Deep breath and BOOM, new PR! If only it were that easy all the time, right?

A lot of work goes in before those personal records are broken. It’s not just about always trying to go heavy every time you step into the gym.

At Fearless, we have House Rule #9: You Are Capable Of More Than You Realize. This rule has nothing to do with how much you can lift, or how fantastic your next PR is. It’s about the ability to show up and believe in yourself to make what seems impossible possible.

Here’s an example. If you don’t think you can lift the weight, you likely won’t. Your mind is like a video recorder. If you say to yourself, “Don’t miss this lift.” or “Don’t let your elbows drop.” That is precisely what your mind just pictured; that is probably what you will do. If you step up already diminished, the results will also be diminished. When we don’t think we can we don’t! Instead- know you can!

Replace those statements with, “Rip this bar off the ground.” and “Keep your elbows up.” This accomplishes what you wanted because your mind pictured success instead of failure.

House Rule #9 isn’t just positive self talk- it’s retraining and retooling. Maybe you have been told all your life that you can’t do something. So many times as trainers we hear “I don’t want to hurt myself” from athletes- and so athletes stay with light weights, make little gains, and become bored in their fitness routine. Our bodies are powerful, and are built to do more than we have grown a custom to letting them. Give yourself permission to be bold.

Consistently hitting big weights and personal records is just as challenging mentally as physically, but when frustration from training hits, don’t get mad or feel dejected; get better.

Practice positive self-talk and positive feedback every day in your workouts. Find what works for you and take action. Hard work breeds confidence, and remember rule #9- you are capable of more than you realize.