The CrossFit Open is the largest fitness competition on Earth and an exciting showcase of the CrossFit community. During the Open, athletes like you from all around the world show up and push themselves further than they ever thought possible for one workout a week for three weeks. At Fearless we are so excited to help each athlete push their fitness journey and challenge themselves in unexpected ways. Challenges, PRs, and the unknown await during The Open. This is your moment to shine!

The Open a competition about SELF-DISCOVERY. You have worked hard all year to learn new movements, perfect old ones, and improve your conditioning. Now is the time to test your fitness and and discover what you are capable. Better, fitter, more skilled, etc.  Expect to see breakthroughs in the Open, you have earned them!  Better still, your box-mates are screaming and cheering you on. The Open brings self-confidence, which leads to more discoveries.

The Open empowers you to show up and preform regardless. During the year, you might decide to bail on a workout you don’t love. You might always skip the kipping day. We all have our weak spot. The Open exposes that, and pushes us to build towards better! During the Open it is different. It is a COMPETITION.  Everyone shows up! During the Open, your friends and box-mates are cheering, screaming, urging you to keep grinding away. It is a feeling you do not forget. By itself, it is worth signing up for the CrossFit Open.

Is The Open Right For You?

You might be wondering if The Open is right for you? Sure the first round of competition is the path to the CrossFit Games for the fittest men and women in the world, but the Open is for ALL CrossFitters with divisions for ALL levels, including Foundations for beginners, Scaled, Rx, Teens, Masters, and Adaptive. Whether you love competing or just love the community, the Open is for you. CrossFit wants you to succeed and so does Fearless!

The Open kicks off February 24 with a total of three or four workouts over the three weeks. CrossFit will announce a workout each Thursday evening, and you will have until Monday at 5 pm to come into Fearless and complete the workout and post your score online.

January 13, 2022 — Open registration begins
February 24-28 — Open Week 1
March 3-7 — Open Week 2
March 10-14 — Open Week 3

To sign up here  (you may need to scroll down) and choose CrossFit South Philly as your affiliate. The cost is $20. Officially signing up is NOT required. You can still complete the workouts, but you will not be able to upload your score and see how you rank.