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April 2021



As much as we love seeing you all at the gym every day, this is your reminder to get outside and use your hard-earned fitness! It’s easy to default to a daily routine (read more about how routines are a good thing!), but it is finally the time of year when the weather is [...]

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March 2021

So Fit, So Fearless


“Clean and Jerk” “Push Press” “Sumo Deadlift” What on earth do these words mean? And more than that, what do they mean to someone like me? They mean that I can: carry my work backpack, multiple bags of groceries, plus a couple of cartons of soda from my garage to my front door and [...]

So Fit, So Fearless2021-03-29T07:51:13+00:00

Why We Compete


If you’ve been to class recently, you’ve probably heard something about the Festivus Games (psst, Fearless is hosting April 24!). A competition for “the rest of us,” this three-person team event is open to everyone, and there’s even a virtual option! Have you signed up yet? If you’re on the fence—or completely off the [...]

Why We Compete2021-03-26T10:50:38+00:00

Spotlight: Sandra Davidson


If you’ve spent a Tuesday morning at South Philly or attended any of our virtual WODs, then you know Coach Sandra! Sandra’s fun and engaging personality combined with her careful attention to detail (not to mention epic taste in music) make her a strong presence at Fearless Athletics. Keep reading to learn more about [...]

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Member Update: Class Sizes & Schedule Updates


The City of Philadelphia has expanded capacity limitations for group fitness in Philadelphia to max 15 athletes + staff per location. At Fearless have decided to stay below max capacity to provide better protection for both staff and athletes. Effective next Monday, 3/15, we are increasing class sizes and making schedule changes to accommodate member [...]

Member Update: Class Sizes & Schedule Updates2021-03-10T13:40:32+00:00

February 2021

Game Day Decisions


You don’t have to be pro football to be pro Super Bowl food. Pizza, nachos, wings—who doesn’t love it? But for some, social occasions—like the Super Bowl, birthday celebrations, or even just a weekend gathering, can strike fear into the heart of anyone trying to adhere closely to a nutrition plan. This kind of [...]

Game Day Decisions2021-02-03T15:53:43+00:00

January 2021

Spotlight: Wil Vicinus


Get to know Fearless coaches and members in this new spotlight section of our blog! This week we welcome Fearless founder, owner, and head coach Wil Vicinus to the hot seat. Name: Wil Vicinus Instagram: @dexterthedingo Why did you open Fearless Athletics? The short story: reflections on my personal life as I was in [...]

Spotlight: Wil Vicinus2021-01-20T13:55:03+00:00

December 2020

Happy Holidays & Favorite Things


Before getting to the fun stuff, just a little reminder this holiday season. It’s no secret that times are tough and that this holiday season is unlike any we’ve ever experienced. Tensions can be high—in the homes, minds, and hearts, so this is your friendly reminder to show not only others, but also yourselves, [...]

Happy Holidays & Favorite Things2020-12-22T16:50:31+00:00