Game Day Decisions

February 3, 2021

You don’t have to be pro football to be pro Super Bowl food. Pizza, nachos, wings—who doesn’t love it? But for some, social occasions—like the Super Bowl, birthday celebrations, or even just a weekend gathering, can strike fear into the heart of anyone trying to adhere closely to a nutrition plan. This kind of angst can even be a reason to avoid social gatherings altogether. Well, we certainly don’t need more anxiety. But what we do need is community and a great support system. Human beings are social creatures, and regardless of whether you are an introvert or extrovert, at some point we crave the company of our squad. These days, there’s more motivation than ever to keep anxiety at bay and surround yourself with a trusted few that make you feel safe. So don’t let the threat of a few calories deter you from enjoying valuable time with friends and family (in a safe, socially distanced manner). That said, you don’t have to compromise your nutrition in order to enjoy the weekend. Here are some strategies for keeping nutrition-related stress low so you can enjoy yourself to the max:

Make a plan. Don’t show up without a clear idea of how you envision the occasion playing out.

Eat something before leaving the house. This way, you won’t show up starving and ready to devour everything in sight. Fill up on lean protein and vegetables.

Find a healthier substitution for traditional favorites. Maybe you love nachos but are looking for a lighter option? Try swapping guacamole for queso.

Pick one item or treat that you will indulge in. Allow yourself to enjoy your most favorite Super Bowl staple, and go easy on the other dishes.

Eat your veggies! When you’re feeling peckish, reach for the crudités.

Drink water. Not only will it help fill you up, it will also help digestion.

Relax. Realize that it is but one day out of many and enjoy every chip, tater tot, and chicken wing knowing that tomorrow you will get right back on track.

Above all, remember that what really makes something like the Super Bowl so fun is the people you watch it with—not the food on the table!

Fearless Athletics is on board with Dr. Fauci and passing on the parties outside your family.  What are your favorite Super Bowl foods? Tag us on Instagram (@fearlessphl) and let us know!

Fearless Eating

Looking for lighter, healthier options for game day? Check out these tried and true resources:

Downshiftology with Lisa Bryan: Don’t sleep on the Soy Garlic Ginger Chicken Wings.

Laura Lea Balanced: Check out the Sweet Potato “Rotel” Dip as a sub for queso!

Kalejunkie’s Crunchy BBQ Cauliflower Wings are gluten free, dairy free, vegan, and delicious!

Fearless Movement

Looking to get some movement in before the big game? Remember that exercise aids digestion, so if you’re planning a big, game-day feast, this is a great way to start your day:

50 burpees

1 mile run

50 burpees

1 mile run

It’s going to be cold outside this weekend, so feel free to complete your burpees indoors!

Written by Coach Natalie Lewis

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