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January 2021

What Can You Control?


We are only one week into 2021 and what a week it’s been. Pervasive angst is running rampant on social and mainstream media, around the family dinner table, and within friend groups. At times it feels like we are living in alternate 1985 from Back to the Future II (if you didn’t get that [...]

What Can You Control?2021-01-14T09:22:23+00:00

December 2020

Looking Back on 2020


You know how your friendly Fearless coaches are always reminding you to enter your workouts into SugarWOD (ahem)? It’s not just for the fistbumps, banter, or GIFs—it’s so you can measure your progress. How can you tell if what you’re doing is working if you have no idea where you started? To get where [...]

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Happy Holidays & Favorite Things


Before getting to the fun stuff, just a little reminder this holiday season. It’s no secret that times are tough and that this holiday season is unlike any we’ve ever experienced. Tensions can be high—in the homes, minds, and hearts, so this is your friendly reminder to show not only others, but also yourselves, [...]

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The Gift of Giving


‘Tis the season for giving. No doubt by this point in December, you’ve seen your fair share of solicitations: end-of-year giving, Black Friday sales, Cyber Monday deals, all encouraging you to, in some way, give. And who doesn’t love that feeling: the thrill of watching someone open the perfect gift you spent hours meticulously [...]

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Win the Night, Win the Morning


You may have recently read something about the benefits of establishing a morning routine. If so, you might not be surprised to learn that the same principle applies to your nighttime routine. Why? Not only do our bodies and minds crave routine and consistency, but we also need a way to recover from daily stressors: [...]

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Win The Morning, Win The Day!


The all-too familiar sound of your morning alarm. Followed by the all-too familiar reach for the snooze button. “I’m working from home, why not log a few extra minutes of sleep, my body clearly needs it,” right? Believe it or not, our bodies and minds actually crave routine. It makes us feel calm and [...]

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November 2020

Always fearless. Always thankful.


Well, here we are. Thanksgiving 2020. To say the least, it’s been a challenging year, and that is putting it mildly. When it can be all too tempting to dwell on the things we don’t have or might be missing from our previous lives—anything from job loss to the inability to spend the holidays with [...]

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