New Year, Still Fearless

January 7, 2021

Welcome back to the box and to a new year full of fresh horizons and exciting possibilities. Hopefully everyone is feeling recharged and ready to take on the next chapter in your respective health and fitness journeys. Maybe you even have a few goals for 2021? And if you don’t, it’s pretty hard to escape all of the social media strongly suggesting that you should: “New Year/New Me”; diet and nutrition challenges; fitness equipment and deals—you know the ones. Then there is the other camp: you don’t need a diet, you don’t need to change, self love, acceptance, etc. etc. Regardless of which side you’re on—or even if you’re resolution agnostic—we can probably all agree that there is nothing wrong with a little goal setting. It motivates us, provides a sense of purpose, and gives us a reason to wake up in the morning. The problem with a lot of New Year’s resolutions is that they tend not to stick. Maybe it’s because so many of these goals are rooted in the assumption that there is something wrong with us that needs to be fixed. So for both the pro-resolutioners and anti-resolutioners, perhaps there is common ground in the way we approach setting goals. What if your goals came from a position of permission or compassion rather than restriction? For example

  1. I need to eliminate X food from my diet in order to lose weight → What foods does my body need to thrive? How can my diet best support optimal health and longevity?
  2. I need to drink less alcohol. → I will drink more water and give my body the hydration it needs.
  3. I should eat less meat. → I will eat more fruits and vegetables.
  4. I should workout more because I need to lose weight. → I will prioritize going to the gym because my health is important to me.
  5. I need to stop spending money → I will spend my money on things that are important to me and support my values.

You get the idea: messaging is powerful. That’s why Fortune 500 companies and all of your favorite brands have entire communications teams—to control their messaging and how the public views them. So why aren’t we controlling our own messaging and the way we view ourselves? Maybe a good goal to include this year is to practice a little self compassion by being kinder in the ways we communicate with ourselves.

What are your goals for the new year? If they fall within the realm of health and wellness (and let’s be honest, most things do!), reach out and let us know how we can help—it’s what we’re here for. Happy 2021, F.A.m. Let’s do this!

Fearless Eating

It’s fair to say many New Year’s resolutions revolve around diet, food, and nutrition. Are you trying Whole30? Paleo? Vegan? Meatless Mondays? Less sugar? Guess what all of those have in common? EAT. MORE. VEGETABLES. This recipe for Whole30 Vegan Vegetarian Curry satisfies all of the above, plus it’s hearty enough to keep you warm and full during these chilly winter months. Maybe you are trying to increase your protein intake? Add chicken, tempeh, or other protein of choice. Looking for something even more filling or want to enjoy this post workout? Serve over brown rice, quinoa, or rice noodles.

Fearless Movement

Did you know sustainable, repeatable work is one of the best ways to help build your engine? If your New Year’s resolution is to improve your aerobic capacity, try regularly incorporating this type of interval training into your fitness plan. Resist the urge to go all out and remember: the goal here is sustainable + repeatable.

5 rounds (aim for the same time every interval):

400m run
15 dumbbell thrusters
10 burpee over dumbbells
Rest 2:00

No dumbbells? Use a heavy book or backpack. If you only have one dumbbell or a single kettlebell, try using it goblet style, or take the reps up to 16 and finish 8 reps on one side before changing.

Not only does regular interval training help improve aerobic capacity, it also helps you get to know yourself as an athlete, i.e. when you see a WOD on the whiteboard and Coach says “Go!” you’ll know exactly how to pace yourself.


Looking to start a meditation or mindfulness practice? Check out this New Year’s Challenge from the good folks at Ten Percent Happier. Each day, you’ll get a short video and guided meditation. Not only is it a great way to kick off your new habit, but there’s a social component as well. You can invite your friends and help hold each other accountable. Who’s in?

Written by Coach Natalie Lewis

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