Introducing Coach Jon Su

January 15, 2022

Hailing from the Aloha state, Jonathan Su moved to our city of potholes, city-wides, and sibling-like love only 4 months ago. He quickly discovered the Fearless community after looking for a gym that was close, but not too close, to Rittenhouse square where he works during the weekdays. He most recently came from the west coast of Canada where he lived for a number of years, and while you won’t hear an “eh,” you will find a welcoming smile and quiet intensity reminiscent of our northern neighbors in Calgary.

Jonathan’s workout vibe is powerful, determined, and calculated, which you will undoubtedly find in his instruction during class. If you want to focus on building strength in physique, confidence in movement, and capacity for resilience, Jon will be a welcomed addition to your weekly workout routine. And while we’ve never met someone from the west coast who would choose burgers over tacos other than Jon, we hope he finds the unique flavor of Philly cuisine, and people, to his liking.

Please join us in welcoming Jon to the Fearless Fam!

You can find Jon teaching classes with his “never give up” attitude every Tuesday and Wednesday at 7pm and in our OnRamp program.

Welcome Jon!

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