January 2020

On The Mat – CrossFit Programming 1/27 – 2/2


Welcome back to On The Mat, a weekly post designed to help our members plan their upcoming week of training. Further develop your strength and improve the weaknesses! Monday: Clean complex EMOM @ 60%; moderately heavy 10 min AMRAP with cleans, squats, and short runs Tuesday: Strict handstand pushup strength development; For Time conditioning [...]

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CrossFit WOD – 2020/01/21 – Fearless Athletics


All Tuesday CrossFit classes worked on a snatch complex before hitting a super tough opposing ladder couplet. Photos here are from the 5 and 6pm classes at CrossFit Penn's Landing in Old City. Great job, team! Strength 3x3 reps of Power Snatch + Snatch Balance (start at about 50%) -then- 3x3 Position 1 Snatch (squat; [...]

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CrossFit WOD – 2020/01/20 – Fearless Athletics


Happy Monday, Fearless Fam! Things heated up quickly inside CrossFit South Philly & CrossFit Penn's Landing on Monday, with some skill and strength work on the ring muscle up. We then hit a 10 min conditioning WOD to work all of the pushing and pulling! Strength Ring Muscle Ups RX: 6x2 working smooth transitions into [...]

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On The Mat – CrossFit Programming 1/20 – 26


Hello, Fearless Fam! We have a fun week ahead at both CrossFit South Philly & CrossFit Penn's Landing. Check the preview below and plan accordingly! Monday, 1/20: Muscle-Ups (ring) and skill/strength development for the movement; short pace conditioning with low reps, moderate skill Tuesday, 1/21: Snatch complex starting at 50%; ladder up/ladder down couplet conditioning [...]

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CrossFit WOD – Friday, 2020/01/17


Friday's CrossFit classes got a bit of a break on Friday (relative to the four prior days!) with some Strict Press at 50-60% and a three rounds for total reps WOD that puts the members in full control of the output and capacity building. Train smart! Strength Strict Overhead Press [email protected] 50-60% Conditioning 3 Rounds for [...]

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CrossFit WOD – Monday, 2020/01/13


Monday's CrossFit classes tested their 1RM bench press, the final lift of our current testing cycle. We saw A LOT of Fearless attempts and successful lifts. Coaches are super proud of all the hard work you all have put in during this cycle! Strength Bench Press 5-3-3-1-1-1 WOD AMRAP in 9 Minutes 5 Strict Ring [...]

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3rd Annual Clean & Jerk(off): An In-House Olympic Weightlifting Competition


Registration is LIVE for the 3rd Annual Clean & Jerk(off)! Date: Saturday, February 22 Location: Olde City Barbell Club @ Fearless Athletics | CrossFit Penn's Landing Time: Check-In Begins at 9:00 am. Detailed schedule will be announced soon! Registration Fee: $10 Click Here to Register! Here, participants will have three attempts to find their heaviest [...]

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On The Mat: CrossFit Programming, 1/13 – 19


Welcome back to On The Mat, a tool to help you plan your week of CrossFit training at CrossFit South Philly & CrossFit Penn's Landing! Our testing period officially ends on Tuesday the 14th and we then begin our de-loading phase. De-load is a great time to work on speed, timing, technique and more! Make [...]

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Intensity WOD – 2020/01/10 – Fearless Athletics


Friday's Intensity classes at CrossFit South Philly & CrossFit Penn's Landing partnered up for workout # 1 and then went solo for the second workout. As always, the gang brought the Fearless Intensity! WOD 1 (Partner A/Partner B) For Time and In Order: 80 Box Jumps/OH Plate Hold 80 Strict T2B/Wall Sit 80 G2OH/High Plank [...]

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