Welcome back to On The Mat, a guide to help our members best prepare for the upcoming week of training.

Today’s post will help prepare you for the upcoming test of several lifts and benchmarks and covers the next two weeks of programming, thru 1/11/20. Please note that our testing will go into the week of 1/13/20.

Monday, 12/30: Snatch to 90%+

Tuesday, 12/31: House Benchmark: “Neri” in memoriam for Eric Neri, one of the founding partners of Fearless Athletics

Wednesday, 1/1: Closed. Happy New Year!

Thursday, 1/2: Weighted Pull-Up

Friday, 1/3: High Bar Back Squat Test. Also be sure to tell your friends to sign-up for our FREE CLASS at Penn’s Landing at 6:30 PM!

Saturday, 1/4: Push Press Test

Sunday, 1/5: Row intervals; longer format WOD with some 400m runs, handstand walks, and more

Monday, 1/6: Clean Test

Tuesday, 1/7: Snatch Test

Wednesday, 1/8: Longer format WOD with built-in rest. Will include a 1 mile run and DB movements

Thursday, 1/9: Accessory Work

Friday, 1/10: Deadlift Test

Saturday, 1/11: Happy Birthday, Wil! (a grinder of a workout you won’t want to miss!)

Suggested Mobility Focus:
Sat 1/4: Shoulders, Pecs, Hamstrings
Sun 1/5: Quads, IT Bands, Shoulders
Mon: Wrists, Quads, Glutes, Lats
Tues: Shoulder (rotators), Spinal Erectors
Wed: General Full Body Mobility
Thurs: Posterior Chain, Calves
Fri: Hamstrings, Glutes, L-Spine, IT Bands
Sat 1/11: General Full Body Mobility
Sun 1/12: General Full Body Mobility