Welcome back to On The Mat, your weekly guide for planning your CrossFit training at Fearless Athletics. Note that all major lifts done in the strength portions of class will be following a 5-5-5 starting at 60% and building to 80% of your current one-rep max.

Monday, 3/9: Strength: high bar back squat; Conditioning will be a test run of WOD 1 from this year’s Festivus Games.

Tuesday, 3/10: Strength: power cleans building to a heavy double; Conditioning includes a mid-length pace AMRAP with moderate level skill of kipping TTB

Wednesday, 3/11: Strength: push press; Conditioning with push jerks and racked lunges with moderately heavy weight

Thursday: 3/12: Skill: rope climbs; Conditioning: station-style EMOM with double unders and C2B pull-ups

Friday: 3/13: Strength: power snatches to heavy double; Conditioning with alllll of the squat snatches…and strict T2B!

Saturday: 3/14: Happy Birthday, Coach Lyndsy. 32 reps each of all your faves, including thrusters, power cleans, bar over burpees and more!

Sunday: 3/15: Strength/Skill: Strict HSPU; Conditioning features overhead walking lunges, ball slams, and rowing