Welcome back to On The Mat, your guide for planning your CrossFit for the week!

Monday, 3/2: Bar Muscle-Ups + accessory work; conditioning is a mid-length AMRAP with pull-ups, heavy KB goblet squats and rowing

Tuesday, 3/3: Bench Press in the 5-3-1 format from last week; conditioning is a short 21-15-9 sprint couplet w/a single KB and high box jumps

Wednesday, 3/4: Deadlift to a heavy single; heavy-ish pace-style AMRAP with double unders

Thursday, 3/5: 800m run intervals; two short AMRAPs with more heavy KB work

Friday, 3/6: Monster mash-up, chipper style with varied pace pieces. Bring your game faces, team!

*Saturday, 3/7: Overhead Squats following the 5-3-1 format; short and heavy conditioning with power snatches

*Sunday, 3/8: Accessory work; chipper with wallballs and double unders

*Please note the programming for 3/7 & 3/8 is not confirmed and is subject to change