Welcome back to On The Mat, your guide to planning your week of workouts at Fearless Athletics.

Monday: Front Squat triples building to 80%, where the final set is max reps; conditioning is a couplet in an ascending ladder form with one heavy barbell element and double unders

Tuesday: Strict Overhead Press starting a 5-3-1 rep scheme with weights ranging between 70-90%; conditioning is a short rep and high volume triplet with a high-skilled gymnastics element and heavy Russian KB swings

Wednesday: Snatch EMOM with complexes to 75%; conditioning is a mid-length AMRAP with a buy-in before completing the assigned work, which includes a single DB movement and high box jumps

Thursday: Kipping pull-up skill development and refinement; Fight Gone Bad-style workout with one weighted movement, two bodyweight movements, and rowing

Friday: High Bar Back Squats following the same rep scheme of Tuesday’s Strict Press; conditioning is a low skill descending ladder that can really be defined as true grunt work

Saturday: No strength/skill today; Interval training with rowing, wall balls, box overs, bar muscle ups

Sunday: Clean & Jerk complexes to 75%; conditioning is pace-style with rope climbs, moderately heavy barbell work (two movements) and 400m runs