Monday, 2/17: Snatches on Snatches + Snatch Grip RDL’s; mid-length and moderate-skill conditioning with heavy overhead squats

Tuesday, 2/18: Clean & Jerk Complex EMOM to 75%; Short chipper-style WOD. Lots of squats in this one

Wednesday, 2/19: 400m run pace training; Moderate length and low skill conditioning with strict T2B

Thursday, 2/20: Bench Press triples to 80%, with heaviest set going for max reps; mid-length and moderate skill conditioning with double unders

Friday, 2/21: HSPU skill and strength; AMRAP conditioning with heavy single-arm devil presses and a handstand walk “finisher”

Saturday, 2/22: Accessory day!; two short AMRAP couplets with long rest between both. Rev those engines!

Sunday, 2/23: Long grind-it-out style chipper that opens and closes with a long run. 40 min time cap