Guys! We made it through January! See below for what’s in store for the first week of February!

And, don’t forget to sign-up for our Bring-A-Friend class on Friday, February 7th at 6:00pm at our CrossFit South Philly location! This FREE class won’t count toward a 3x/week membership. See you all there!

Monday, 2/3: High Bar Back Squats to 5+ reps @ 75%; mid-length pace conditioning WOD with a couple of short runs, moderate weight barbell movements, and double unders

Tuesday, 2/4: Weighted Strict Pull-Ups (high volume); mid-length, low skill bodyweight conditioning with some rowing

Wednesday, 2/5: Bench Press to 5+ reps @ 75%; 10 rounds for time sprint couplet. Oof

Thursday, 2/6: Overhead Squats (high volume); 21-15-9 jawn with snatches and burpees (mmmmm)

Friday, 2/7: Tempo Romanian deadlifts; low-skill pace WOD w DB’s and KB’s

Saturday, 2/8: Mash-Up! 2 couplets, each with a kipping gymnastics element; finisher has 2x800m runs built in (and all the lunges)

Sunday, 2/9: Ring muscle up skill & strength; mid-length high skill conditioning with rope climbs–bring those socks!