Welcome back to On The Mat, a weekly post designed to help our members plan their upcoming week of training. Further develop your strength and improve the weaknesses!

Monday: Clean complex EMOM @ 60%; moderately heavy 10 min AMRAP with cleans, squats, and short runs

Tuesday: Strict handstand pushup strength development; For Time conditioning in a high rep chipper-style format. Hello DB thrusters!

Wednesday: Low Bar Back Squats to 75%+; mid-length conditioning with relatively low skill that will require smart pacing

Thursday: Hero WOD w rope climbs (bring those socks!)

Friday: Snatch doubles to 70%; conditioning with DB squat snatches

Saturday: Strict overhead press to 75%+; mid-length conditioning with high reps and low weight. This one will burn!

Sunday: Accessory day (!); conditioning is two sprint-style AMRAP couplets with rest between each AMRAP