Hello, Fearless Fam! We have a fun week ahead at both CrossFit South Philly & CrossFit Penn’s Landing. Check the preview below and plan accordingly!

Monday, 1/20: Muscle-Ups (ring) and skill/strength development for the movement; short pace conditioning with low reps, moderate skill

Tuesday, 1/21: Snatch complex starting at 50%; ladder up/ladder down couplet conditioning w/ heavy weights/high skill

Wednesday, 1/22: Rowing intervals; heavy KB conditioning

Thursday, 1/23: Bench Press; heavy and moderate-skilled couplet

Friday, 1/24: Interval Day! Be prepared

Saturday, 1/25: Front Squats @ 50% with high reps; leg-burner pace WOD conditioning

Sunday, 1/26: Rope climbs (skill and strength); mash-up AMRAP