Welcome to On The Living Room Floor (formerly On The Mat) your programming guide to plan for a productive week of fitness!

This week’s Fearless At-Home programming is going to be FUN! We have a lot of cool and challenging workouts for you + members-only LIVE Zoom sessions with your favorite trainers.

Saturday, March 28: “School’s Out! Grab a Ruck” is an AMRAP-style conditioning WOD with a weighted pack. So grab that backpack and fill it up–you decide the weight! Movements include Push Press, Russian Swings, Front Squats, Curls, and Flutter Kicks.

“School’s Out” will be hosted at 9:00 AM with Coach Pam!

Sunday, March 29: Accessory Day: This workout features a series of active stability drills and movements to strengthen your entire body. No MetCon today.

Accessory Day will be hosted at 10:00 AM with Coach Lauren & Coach Matt

Monday, March 30: Hero WOD, “Bert” which includes several 400m runs and plenty of run options! Look this one up and be prepared to accept the challenge!

“Bert” will be hosted at 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM 

Tuesday, March 31: Active Rest Day, featuring a Lunchtime Meditation Session with Jordan!

Lunchtime Meditation will be hosted 12:00 Noon by Jordan Pascucci

Wednesday, April 1: “Core Blaster” Strengthen your midline with this challenging workout!

Core Blaster will be hosted at 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM

Thursday, April 2: Sprints! Short run sprints today with plenty of stay-indoor options to reap the benefits of time trial tests. Longer format conditioning WOD dynamic plyo movements, high skill gymnastics (with scaling!), a few push ups and lots of mountain climbers!

Time Trial Day will be hosted at 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM 

Friday, April 3: “Day at the Office” puts a new spin on working from the home office. Grab something heavy you can carry with one arm, and something you can hold overhead doing lunges!

“Day at the Office” will be hosted at 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM

Saturday, April 4: Active Recovery Day, featuring a morning Yoga session

Yoga will be hosted at 9:00 AM by Katie Huber