Monday, May 4: 20 Min AMRAP, “Core Burner” style with some double unders to spike the heart rate up!

Tuesday, May 5: Choose between an Active Rest or give the evening Master’s class a shot, which includes some split squats (not Bulgarian), no push-up burpees, jumping lunges and more!

Wednesday, May 6: Series of short AMRAPs where you’ll need to complete the assigned work before moving to a more difficult rep scheme + Tabata-style core finisher. Lots of burpees today, folks

Thursday, May 7: Sprints! Find a quiet side street and get ready for some 100m repeats! Evening Master’s WOD not yet posted

Friday, May 8: Burpee Test. If you plan on doing this benchmark, then you might want to skip Wednesday’s burpee-fest…or do both!

Saturday, May 9: Olympic-style warmup prepares us for a series of AMRAPs, each with a single DB movement. This one will leave you sweaty!

Sunday, May 10: Grab a pack and get outdoors! Please practice all posted safety measures in the area where you currently reside.