Welcome back to On The Living Room Floor, your guide to planning your training with Fearless At-Home for April 12 – 19, 2020.

Sunday, April 12: Run a 5k(!)

Monday, April 13: Rest Day

Tuesday, April 14: Fight Gone Bad style workout, with 3 rounds for total reps across five stations + 1 rest station. Each station is 1 minute long. Here, we see the return of last week’s squat hold + reverse lunges!

Tuesday Zoom @ 7am, 5:30 pm + 12:00 Lunchtime Meditation

Wednesday, April 15: “The Chief”-ish, which features short, spint-style AMRAPs with moderately heavy ruck power cleans.

Wednesday Zoom @ 7am, 4pm + 6pm Evening Yoga 

Thursday, April 16: “Core Burner” style workout focusing on posterior strength and stability + plenty of ab work

Thursday Zoom @ 7am, 5:30 pm + 12:00 Lunchtime Stretch & Release

Friday, April 17: Support Your Local Box, Week 3 & the return of Friday Night Lights!

Friday Zoom @ 6:30 PM

Saturday, April 18: Rest

Sunday, April 19: Pull/Push in strength + a conditioning WOD with low rep HSPU, RDL’s and jumping lunges

Sunday Zoom @ 9am

*please note that all times are subject to change