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Fearless Athletics | CrossFit Penn’s Landing, established in 2014 and provides strength and conditioning programs to Philadelphia’s historic Old City neighborhood. Our Penn’s Landing location features more than 5,000 square feet of training space for our core Functional Fitness programming and home to Olde City Barbell Club, a registered weightlifting club through USA Weightlifting.



Functional Fitness workouts are small group classes designed to build strength, increase endurance and develop power with the perfect blend of high intensity. Functional Fitness builds off the ON-RAMP experience, giving you a total body fitness experience. Whether you are looking to build strength or focus on endurance, our coaches work with you on proper technique to progress and feel great. If you are new to Functional Fitness, CrossFit, and are looking to start OnRamp is the place to begin.

Olde City Barbell Club is Fearless Athletics’ registered weightlifting club through USA Weightlifting helping athletes in Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting. This program is designed for lifters to peak effectively on the platform or during a mock meet. After completing the program, athletes can repeat the program with a more individualized approach, or you can move onto a more specialized track. Members choose from either a Powerlifting or Olympic weightlifting program and are coached through the complex progressions under our highly skilled and experienced staff’s eyes.

Do you have a short-term goal of improving one particular skill? Are you seeking the benefits from complete personal attention and a custom personalized fitness program? Then our one-on-one personal training program is for you! Take your fitness to the next level and choose a single session, five-session, or ten-session personal training package with any of our highly skilled certified trainers! Our trainers have a wide range of certifications and specialties, and have worked with some of the most widely-known and well-respected experts in the fitness industry. No matter what your goal, we can match you with a trainer who will help you achieve it.

Please contact us at [email protected] for more information and to schedule your first personal training appointment.


At this time, we are not allowing any drop-ins to either of our locations. We LOVE meeting drop-ins and look forward to welcoming you all back soon.


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Sat: 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
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