Tuesday’s CrossFit classes began a new cycle by de-loading the Strict Overhead Press, working a 5×5 at about 60-65% of the 1RM. This de-load kicks off the beginning of a new, 13 week cycle.

The details:

We are going to spend about 2-3 weeks in each percentage range. 60-70, then 65-80, then 75-90… etc. The next 3 months we will focus on strength EMOMs, complexes for OLY, and traditionally structured strength days for power lifts. After the 75-90 weeks, we will cycle back to 70-85… then test.


In 13 Minutes

40 Push Press (95/65)

Then in in remaining time, AMRAP

Run 150m

12 Wall Balls (20/14)

12 Lateral Burpees over bar