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August 2019

Upcoming Event! Powerlifting Workshop at CrossFit Penn’s Landing


When: Saturday, August 24 at 11am Where: Fearless Athletics | CrossFit Penn's Landing, 126 Race Street Join us for a members-only Powerlifting Workshop! Lead by USA Powerlifting Certified Trainer, Zach Feldman, this two-hour (ish) workshop will focus on the mechanics of the three major movements in powerlifting: back squat, bench press, and deadlift. Members [...]

Upcoming Event! Powerlifting Workshop at CrossFit Penn’s Landing2019-08-15T14:35:13+00:00

WOD, Wednesday 2019/08/15


Wednesday's CrossFit classes practiced the Ring Muscle Up with various skill progressions and sequences to refine the skill. Then, we hit the benchmark, "Ricky" where the endurance and stamina were tested over the 20 minutes WOD "Ricky" AMRAP in 20 Minutes 10 Kipping Pull-Ups 5 DB Deadlifts (75/55) 8 Push Presses (135/95)

WOD, Wednesday 2019/08/152019-08-15T14:23:39+00:00

Intensity WOD, Saturday 2019/08/10


Saturday's Intensity Class hit a trio of 9 minute workouts that included brief rest periods to keep the heart rate steady and of course...the level of intensity high! WOD 1 In 9 Min 800 M Run then AMRAP in the time remaining 25 Double Unders (sub 75 singles) 7 KB Dead Clean & Jerks (per [...]

Intensity WOD, Saturday 2019/08/102019-08-11T07:25:14+00:00

WOD, Tuesday, 2019/08/06


Tuesday's CrossFit classes primed the hips and hamstrings during warm-up for the day's strength portion, which were deadlifts building to 90% of the 1RM. We also gave the classes the option to test--congrats on all of those PR's! After our strength portion, we moved to a sprint conditioning WOD consisting of: Row 1,000m 20 Bar [...]

WOD, Tuesday, 2019/08/062019-08-07T09:46:33+00:00

Fearless Member Spotlight: Chris Augustine


Chris’s first impression of Fearless Athletics was as an outsider looking in on his way to or from his home at 11th and Bainbridge. “It always seemed like people were having fun,” he says. “They were never doing the same thing twice. When I’ve gone to gyms in the past, I was so bored. The [...]

Fearless Member Spotlight: Chris Augustine2019-08-01T06:52:41+00:00

July 2019

WOD, Thursday, 2019/07/25


Thursday's CrossFit classes worked on the back squat and built to 90% or a single. Then, we hit a EMOM (every minute on the minute) for 12 minutes where we worked to build capacity in the DB Snatch. Strength: Back Squat [email protected]% [email protected]% [email protected]% [email protected]% [email protected]% Conditioning EMOMx12 Minutes Min 1: 10 Burpee Box Jumps [...]

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The Fearless Nutrition Program: Foundations


Registration is now open for The Fearless Nutrition Program: Foundations! Program Begins Monday, August 19 Duration: 6 Weeks Cost: $199 per person Click here for More Information + Registration! The Fearless Athletics Nutrition Program helps men and women feel their best, look their best, and stay that way. No rules. No restrictions. Instead, we [...]

The Fearless Nutrition Program: Foundations2019-07-25T12:43:53+00:00

Upcoming Event! “Enter The Flow” Kettlebell & Bodyweight Flow Workshop


When: Saturday, November 2, 2019 Where: Fearless Athletics | CrossFit Penn's Landing, 126 Race Street, Phila, PA 19106 Time: 11:00 am - 4:00 pm Cost: $295 Click Here For More Information + Registration! Join Onnit Academy's Senior Kettlebell Specialist Eric Leija (aka Primal Swoledier) & Movement Specialist, Francheska Martinez, for a very special event! [...]

Upcoming Event! “Enter The Flow” Kettlebell & Bodyweight Flow Workshop2019-07-23T12:43:41+00:00

WOD: Monday, 2019/07/22


On Monday, all CrossFit classes tested the Weighted Strict Pull-Up, using the 5-5-5-3-3-3-1-1-1 rep sequence. Next, we hit a 5 Rounds For Time Sprint Couplet of: 15 Kipping Toes to Bar 20 Wall Ball Shots (20/14) to a 10 ft. target

WOD: Monday, 2019/07/222019-07-23T11:53:27+00:00

WOD: Tuesday, 2019/07/23


Tuesday's CrossFit classes worked on the Clean & Jerk during strength, building to 90% of the 1RM in singles. Later, we hit a 9 minute AMRAP consisting of: 7 Deadlifts 35 Double Unders 7 Power Clean + Push Jerk 35 Double Unders Men: 135 lbs; Women: 95 lbs Meanwhile, our LIFT classes, coming off a [...]

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