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Established in 2008 as CrossFit South Philly, we actually began our training years prior by meeting outdoors in public parks and spaces. At one point we’d regularly exercise underneath I-95 at Front and Washington Streets, before moving into our first affiliate, a garage-style gym at 8th and Washington Streets in South Philadelphia. It was here we began refining our craft, building our base of trainers and becoming a community filled with fitness-minded individuals. 

By June 2010, we’d had outgrown our modest space and moved into our current home at 11th and Fitzwater Streets in the Bella Vista/Hawthorne neighborhood. The 4500+ square feet of space and large bay doors allowed us to integrate our method of fitness with the 11th street corridor and establish ourselves as the leaders of CrossFit training in Philadelphia.

Over the years as our community grew, so did our footprint within Philadelphia. 2014 welcomed the opening of our second affiliate, CrossFit Penn’s Landing, which brings strength and conditioning to Philadelphia’s historic Old City neighborhood. Nestled below the Ben Franklin Bridge and just steps away from the Delaware River Waterfront, CrossFit Penn’s Landing boasts more than 5,000 square feet of training space for our CrossFit and Intensity programs, and is home to Olde City Barbell Club, a USA Weightlifting Member Club.

Fast-forward to today and we proudly offer a wide range of health and wellness programs from Yoga and Meditation, to Nutrition and Physical Therapy at The Annex, a 2000 square foot health and wellness facility located just two doors down from our South Philly CrossFit affiliate.

Whatever your goals, Fearless Athletics will empower you to move athletically, overcome limitations and BE FEARLESS.


Fearless logo“It took my girlfriend years to convince me to try Fearless Athletics. CrossFit, to me, was intimidating and made me feel uncomfortable, but I quickly found Fearless was different – people of all shapes and sizes belong to the gym and everyone is welcoming. The trainers are so friendly and focused on my form and the workouts are hard and intense, but everyone scales to fit their ability level. I joined to get in shape for my wedding, and I am hooked. I love every moment of my workouts at Fearless Athletics!”
– Jessica K.

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“I am so grateful for having done an On Ramp and my first 18 months of CrossFit [at Fearless Athletics]. The particular attention to every detail of every individuals movement, the care put into teaching the basics and foundations, and the welcoming atmosphere set me off to a great CrossFit start.”

– Amanda M

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“The structure of each workout (brief group warm-up, group joint prep, warm-up, strength/skill, WOD) is not something that I’ve seen anywhere else. Frankly, the quality of the members’ movements at your gym is so far superior to any other gym that I’ve been to that it’s pretty astounding. I know that you are fastidious about technique and quizzing the group to increase your members’ knowledge and I wanted to let you know that it is amazingly effective. You do a great job motivating people and facilitating a culture that works hard, lifts properly, is supportive of one another, and has a lot of fun.”

– Joe F.

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