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Established in 2008 as CrossFit South Philly, we actually began our training years prior by meeting outdoors in public parks and spaces. At one point we’d regularly exercise underneath I-95 at Front and Washington Streets, before moving into our first affiliate, a garage-style gym at 8th and Washington Streets in South Philadelphia. It was here we began refining our craft, building our base of trainers and becoming a community filled with fitness-minded individuals. 

By June 2010, we’d had outgrown our modest space and moved into our current home at 11th and Fitzwater Streets in the Bella Vista/Hawthorne neighborhood. The 4500+ square feet of space and large bay doors allowed us to integrate our method of fitness with the 11th street corridor and establish ourselves as the leaders of CrossFit training in Philadelphia.

Over the years as our community grew, so did our footprint within Philadelphia. 2014 welcomed the opening of our second affiliate, CrossFit Penn’s Landing, which brings strength and conditioning to Philadelphia’s historic Old City neighborhood. Nestled below the Ben Franklin Bridge and just steps away from the Delaware River Waterfront, CrossFit Penn’s Landing boasts more than 5,000 square feet of training space for our CrossFit and Intensity programs, and is home to Olde City Barbell Club, a USA Weightlifting Member Club.

Fast-forward to today and we proudly offer a wide range of health and wellness programs from Yoga and Meditation, to Nutrition and Physical Therapy at The Annex, a 2000 square foot health and wellness facility located just two doors down from our South Philly CrossFit affiliate.

Whatever your goals, Fearless Athletics will empower you to move athletically, overcome limitations and BE FEARLESS.



Wil Vicinus
Wil VicinusPresident & Founder
CrossFit South Philly and CrossFit Penn’s Landing
Wil is the president and founder of Fearless Athletics. He opened our first affiliate, CrossFit South Philly, in 2008.

For Wil, being “Fearless” means the ability to take on any task with an open mind and a positive attitude. A willingness to try things we’re not sure we can succeed at, just to see what we’re capable of. An attitude that supports exploration, challenge, and play. 

Wil’s favorite workout is “Helen” which is 3 Rounds for Time of 400m Run, 21 Kettlebell Swings, and 12 Kipping Pullups. His favorite movement is the Clean & Jerk.

Certifications include: Certified CrossFit Trainer (CF-L3), CrossFit Barbell, CrossFit Endurance, CrossFit Gymnastics, CrossFit Kettlebell, CrossFit Kids, CrossFit Nutrition, CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting, CrossFit Running (Certified Pose Instructor), CrossFit Sports-Specific Application, HeartsaverFirst Aid, USAW Level 1 Sports Performance Coach, USAW Level 2 Advanced Sports Performance Coach

Kevin Curran
Kevin CurranTrainer
CrossFit South Philly
Kevin displays admirable creativity and attention to detail during every group class he coaches.
Kevin joined Fearless Athletics in 2015 and began coaching in 2017. For Kevin, being “Fearless” means Accountability and integrity: Show up and do the work. Do the work correctly. Do the work when you don’t want to. Do the work, even if you don’t look cool doing it. Do not worry about external gratification. Do write your times and scalings on the whiteboard! Kevin’s favorite movement is the Wall Ball Shot and he favors workouts with single movements such as “Karen” or “Randy”

Certifications: CF-L1, CF Kids, The Ready State Certified Mobility Coach

Fabio Scarpelli
Fabio ScarpelliTrainer
CrossFit South Philly
Fabio is our daytime trainer at CrossFit South Philly and designs many of our favorite pieces of Fearless apparel!

Fabio joined Fearless Athletics in 2012 and has been coaching since 2015.In addition to being our daytime trainer at CrossFit South Philly, Fabio manages the day-to-day facility operations and our cleaning & maintenance staff. For Fabio, being “Fearless” means showing unlimited potential and confidence to try anything with no regard to possible failure. His favorite workout is our house WOD, “Fearless” and his favorite movements include Ring Dips, Push Presses, and Thrusters. 

Certifications: CF-L1, CrossFit Sports-Specific Application, CrossFit Gymnastics, CrossFit Weightlifting, GMB Movement Seminar Attendee, CrossFit Online Course: Scaling

Crossley Simmons
Crossley SimmonsTrainer
CrossFit South Philly and CrossFit Penn’s Landing
Crossley is a former collegiate soccer player, master of the barbell, and accomplished poet.

Crossley joined Fearless Athletics in August 2013 and started coaching in 2016. For Crossley, being “Fearless” means in the presence of her fears, to go on! Crossley’s favorite movement is the Snatch and her favorite types of workouts are those with a variety of movements and challenges that require an intimate collaboration between mental and physical toughness.

Certifications: CF-L1, CrossFit Sports-Specific Application, USAW L1 Sports Performance Coach

Gary Samson
Gary SamsonTrainer and CF Programmer
CrossFit South Philly
Gary designs the Group CrossFit programming for both locations.

Gary joined Fearless Athletics in early 2013 and began coaching in the summer of 2014. For Gary, being “Fearless” embodies an unbreakable will. Gary believes you shouldn’t let fear of failure or ridicule stop you from trying new things, doing what you love, or going the extra mile. He adds, “When you’re Fearless, you’re unstoppable.” Gary is also a full-time RN working in the ICU. His favorite movement to train is the Handstand Walk and he favors workouts that are short and heavy. 

Certifications: CF-L1, CF-L2, Heartsaver First Aid

Mert Igci
Mert IgciLIFT Coach, Trainer
CrossFit Penn’s Landing
Mert is the head coach of our LIFT program and all-around fitness machine on the gym floor.

Mert joined Fearless Athletics in 2017 and became a coach in 2018 and is the head coach of our LIFT program at Olde City Barbell Club. He holds a B.S. in Physical Education and Personal Coaching from Marmara University in Istanbul, Turkey. Some of our members refer to him as “machine gun”…if you see him lift then you’ll know why! Mert’s favorite movement is the Snatch and his favorite workout is “Diane”, which is 21-15-9 reps for time of Deadlifts and Handstand Pushups.

Certifications: CF-L1, USAW Level 1 Sports Performance Coach, USAW Level 2 Advanced Weightlifting Coach, CrossFit Weightlifting

Sandra Davidson
Sandra DavidsonTrainer
CrossFit South Philly
Whether it’s our early morning CrossFit or Intensity classes, you’ll find Sandra leading with a smile and positive attitude that will wake you right up!

preview sentence and add in beginning of expanded bio: Sandra joined Fearless Athletics in 2012 and began coaching in 2016. For Sandra, being “Fearless” means pushing herself well beyond her comfort zone. “I overcame my fear of water by learning to swim at 38, I even competed in an indoor sprint triathlon a few months later!” The philosophy and community that comes with being a member of Fearless Athletics gave her the courage to eradicate this fear. Sandra’s favorite movement is the Strict Pull-Up and she favors any type of “For Time” style workout. 

Certifications: CF-L1, Heartsaver First Aid

Pam Centonze
Pam CentonzeTrainer
CrossFit South Philly
Pam specializes in endurance training and helps our members build measurable improvements to their cardiovascular training and stamina.

Pam joined Fearless Athletics in early 2013 and became a coach in 2014. For Pam, being “Fearless” means challenging yourself to do what you never thought you could do. One way Pam thinks about this is that she always tries to do one thing each day to challenge herself to be a better person or to learn something new. Pam’s favorite movements are Squats, Cleans, and Thrusters…leg day is her favorite day! She favors longer, chipper-style workouts where she can count down the reps, one at a time. 

Certifications: CF-L1, USAW L1 Sports Performance Coach, Heartsaver First Aid

Dom Bulone
Dom BuloneTrainer
CrossFit South Philly
Dom recently qualified and competed in the USA Weightlifting Masters National Championships.

Dom joined Fearless Athletics in 2011 and began coaching in 2016. For Dom, being “Fearless” means not letting any obstacles get in the way of one’s goals. Dom’s favorite movement is the Ring Muscle Up and he favors longer workouts such as “Murph” and “12 Pains of Christmas”

Certifications: CF-L1, CF-L2, USAW L1 Sports Performance Coach

Andy Buck
Andy BuckTrainer
CrossFit South Philly and CrossFit Penn’s Landing
Andy is the lead On Ramp trainer at our CrossFit Penn’s Landing location and an adventure-seeking traveler!

Andy joined Fearless Athletics in 2013 and has been coaching since 2016. For Andy, being “Fearless” means to try things that are uncomfortable or unfamiliar. To risk failure, often, rather than settle for guaranteed routine results. Andy’s favorite movement is the Power Clean and he favors workouts that are sprint chippers or involve interval-style training. 

Certifications: CF-L1

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