Save-The-Date, Fearless Family! Our 10th Annual Give Thanks is back on Saturday, November 16. The fun kicks off at 6:00 pm at Fearless Athletics | CrossFit South Philly!

We recently caught up with Fearless president and founder, Wil Vicinus. Here, he shares a history of Give Thanks and why this is such a special time for him and our Fearless community.

Like all of the best Fearless Athletics traditions, Give Thanks was started by our community of members! Many years ago, a few weeks before the Thanksgiving holiday, I was approached by a member with a curious dilemma – every year he hosted a “Friendsgiving” before the holiday so his friends and family could gather and celebrate the season. Since becoming a member of Fearless, his circle of friends had outgrown his apartment and he needed a space to host the Thanksgiving potluck. The proposition: If we could host the space, all of the Fearless Athletics members would be invited, because whether he knew them personally or not, we were all an important part of his family. It was a no-brainer… and Give Thanks was born.

Who is that founding member? It’s Chris D’Amore – OG and current member of Fearless – who still demonstrates daily what it’s like to be a part of the Fearless Family.  Chris is welcoming and supportive to everyone he encounters at Fearless, making them feel like they truly have a home here whether he’s known them for five years or five minutes. And when our thoughts turn to planning Give Thanks each November, it gives us all a warm fuzzy feeling to reflect back on its origins and the amazing people who’ve founded and supported our annual holiday tradition.

Both Fearless Athletics’ and Chris’ families have grown over the years; and as families grow, traditions evolve. For Chris and his wife Kate (also a Fearless Member!), the growth of their own immediate family has allowed them to bring a more intimate version of Give Thanks back into their home – though you can fully expect to see them at Fearless for our shindig. And for Fearless Athletics, Give Thanks has grown into not only THE social event of the season; it has become the kickoff to a month-long season of giving back to our community. (More about that to come in future posts.)

As our annual Give Thanks celebration nears, my heart will be full when I think back to all of those who have joined the Fearless Family in the past 10+ years. Each of you has touched someone’s life in your time here, whether you know it or not and I am grateful every day for that. And for those new friends and family still waiting to join us; I’ll save you a place at our table.