Warm Up

Quad Smash

Then 3 Rounds

9 Jumping Squats

7 KB Deadlifts

5 Pull Ups


Power WOD

10 Sets of 5 Pulls on the Rower Handle for Max Distance

No “Sprint Starts” – All 5 must be Full Strokes

This is meant to be an EXPLOSIVE Movement! Go HARD!


Conditioning WOD

Tabata Style for Total Reps

Weighted Sit Up (50/40)

Push Ups

Russian KB Swings (32/24)


Row (Cal )


Warm Up

3 Rounds

150 M Run

10 Vups

5 Pushups

10 KB Deadlift



3 rounds For Total Reps

1 Min Box Jumps (24/20″)

1 Min Kipping Pullups

1 Min Reverse Lunges (L+R=1) (30/20)

1 Min Side Plank (30 sec per side)

1 Min Rest



Tabata For Lowest Score




DB Rows (30/20)(R+L=1)

Skill & Strength 

Warm Up

Complete 2 Rounds for Quality

500 m Row

1 minute High Plank

10 Single Arm DB Press per arm

15 Around the Worlds

Then complete wrist mobility athlete’s choice


Strength/Stability WOD

5 sets of 30 second bamboo bar hold, increasing weight each set.

Using a bar set on high spotter arms, athlete will lockout the arms underneath the bar and stand tall thus raising the bar off the spotter arms. Any combination of plates and KB’s can be used to increase weight each set.



3 Rounds for Quality

60 seconds Hollow Hold

60 seconds Arch Hold

60 seconds Rest

Then accumulate 5 minutes in a wall facing handstand