CrossFit & Intensity

Warm Up

3 rounds

5 Ring Rows

5 DB Press (Heavy)

10 Jumping Pullups

10 Cal Row

30 Rope Jumps

Strength/Skill WOD

Superset for 3x max reps of each


Handstand Pushups

*Scaling for L-Pullups:

A) Tuck B) Strict, or C) Strict w/Band

Not on the wall for HSPU yet? Do 3 wall walks each round!

Conditioning WOD

Teams of 4

For Time

2000 m Row***

400 Double Unders

300 Situps

200 KB Swings (24/16)

100 Burpees

50 Man Makers (30/20)

Partition as needed; only 1 person per station at a time. 1 on rower until row is complete.

***AFTER ROW IS COMPLETE: 1 person holds a pet rock at all times (32/24)

     Dropped rock = 5 HSPU for each person on team