Warm Up

Start with 5 min Double Under or Jump Rope Skill practice (Triples, Cross Overs, etc)
Then KB Warm Up (from your cleared level) Beginner level is below
2 Rounds
5 KB Deadlifts
5 KB Dead Cleans (per arm)
5 One-armed KB Swings (per arm)
5 KB High Pulls (per arm)

2 Rounds
5 KB Push Presses (per arm)
5 KB Front Squats (per arm)
5 KB Racked Lunges (per arm)


Strength WOD

Turkish Get Ups
10 Min To a 1RM


Conditioning WOD

1,2,3,4,5,6,5,4,3,2,1 Reps for Time
Goblet Squats (32/24)
Toes to Bar
15 Double Unders



Rx+          40/32 & Double Unders Must Be Unbroken
Adv          Go Rx
Int            28/20
Beg          24/16

Today’s Sub: DU Attempts ONLY


Warm Up

3 Rounds
5 Russian High Pulls (per arm)
5 KB Push Press
10 V-Ups
150 M Run



15 Min AMRAP
10 KB Snatches per Arm (24/16)
10 Toes to Bar
5 Burpees
400 M Run

12 Min EMOM
Odd rounds: Max cal. Row
Even rounds: Max DB Thrusters 30/20
score is total reps (calories + thrusters)

Skill & Strength

Warm Up

3 Rounds

5 Toe Nail Transitions

5 Ring Rows

3 Ring Dips

10 Push-Ups


Strength/Skill WOD

3×8 Banded Muscle Up Transition

3×5 Ring Dip balances (start in support and drop down to bottom of ring dip. Keep elbows and knees in tight)


Conditioning WOD

For Quality: 8–>1 of

Ring Row w feet elevated on box

Ring Dip

Ring Push Up


Core WOD

Trainer’s Choice

CrossFit Masters

Warm Up

400 m Run
Then 3 rounds w/Bar
5 Press
5 Thruster
5 Good Morning
Then 250 m Row



Fight Gone Bad: Championship Edition
5 Rounds for Reps, 1 min per round
Wall Ball
KB Sumo Deadlift High Pull
Box Jump
Push Press
Row (cal)



Ages 35-54

20/14 WB
32/24 KB
24/20 Box
75/55 PP


Ages 55+

14/10 WB
24/16 KB
24/20 Box
55/35 PP