CrossFit & Intensity 

Warm Up

Groups of 4, 2 rounds
1 person on each station
200 m Row
Ring Rows

Work at a comfortable pace on gymnastics reps; no set number.
Everyone rotates one station when rower is done


Teams of 4 – AMRAP 20 min
20 Burpees over Partner (1 holds plank, 1 does burpees, switch as desired)
20 Partner Wall Balls (each partner does 10, alternating reps)
20 Partner Situp & Ball Pass (each partner does 10, alternating reps)
20 Pullups (one works, one holds a plate overhead, switch as desired)

Two people run 150 m holding a Kettlebell – each person must have one hand on KB for the entire run.
When runners return, one or more people switch positions, picking up in the WOD where the others left off.
(Teams may not have the same two partners together for the entire WOD).

Rx Version:
20/14lb Wall Ball to 10’ Target
45/35lb Plate overhead
24/16kg KB
Pullups may be kipping or strict

Scaled Version:
14/10lb Wall Ball; 10’ target is desirable, and 9’ is accepted
35/25lb Plate overhead
20/12kg KB
Pullups may be kipping or strict; bands allowed.  Athletes may sub jumping pullups at a 2:1 ratio