Pam Centonze

Some people call me

Pcent or PamJam 

I joined Fearless Athletics in

January 2013 and have been coaching since March 2014.

The word “Fearless” means

Fearless means challenging yourself to do what you never thought you could do. Being Fearless can be showing up at your first CrossFit class, testing that new 1RM, asking for that promotion or changing careers. The meaning of the word can change on a daily basis depending on what obstacles you are facing. One way I think about it is that I always try to do one thing each day to challenge myself to be a better person or to learn something new. 

My favorite movement

Squats, cleans and thrusters. Legs for dayssss.

Favorite WOD or Type of WOD

Chippers. Counting down the reps, one movement at a time.


Focusing more on gymnastics movements, especially butterfly pull-ups and kipping handstand push ups. I would like to string together 10 of each by April 2017. I also want to spend more time on mobility by setting aside at least 10 minutes, 3 times a week to stretch, foam roll and participate in mobility WODs.

Some people might not know that

My room at my parents house still has all the sports posters hanging from when I was a kid. The posters include: Allen Iverson, Donovan McNabb, Jimmy Rollins, Pat Burrell and Eric Lindros. 

Kimye is life goals.