Michael joined Fearless Athletics in 2011 after first dabbling in CrossFit and related training at a different affiliate just outside of the city. Michael was referred to Fearless by a friend and was immediately drawn to the Fearless programming and safety methodology. Having come off a recent injury, Michael spent time in our Intensity program to unlearn the poor habits that sidelined him for nearly eight months. Here, he regained his strength and endurance before moving into the CrossFit program.

FA: Do you have any specific goals in your own training?

MG: “I generally don’t spend a lot of time trying to shave seconds off of a particular benchmark or Hero WOD…I train to be healthy and have fun for the future.”


FA: Name two things people might not know about you.

MG: “I always wanted to be a goalie in any sport that requires one. I guess I have a natural talent for throwing my body in front of oncoming projectiles.”

“I’m a savage air guitar player despite not knowing how to play a real guitar.”