Sam McQuiston

I joined Fearless Athletics in
July 2015. I was I intrigued and drawn to the community and healthy competitive atmosphere of CrossFit, so I took a chance and signed up for an OnRamp at the South Philly location.

My favorite movement
Burpees. Simple yet totally devastating. They force you into a corner and make you answer the question if you are a fighter or not. You can always do one more–it’s just finding that reason to get up off the ground one more time.

Favorite WOD or Type of WOD
Any WOD with multiple components and modalities. That way, any weakness you have is guaranteed to be exposed. Also, I’d like to note that any WOD without wall balls is a great WOD.

The word “Fearless” means
Being “Fearless” to me is having audacity to look life right in the face, dare it throw whatever obstacle it has in store, and jump head first to attack whatever that may be with every ounce of your soul.


  • Help lead Fearless Athletics to first ever Regionals Qualifier in the 2018 CrossFit Games Atlantic Regional Competition.
  • Top 100 individual men competitors 2018 CrossFit Games Worldwide Open.

Some people might not know that…

  • I am one of seven siblings! Six boys and one girl. 
  • I am proud to say my mom got me into CrossFit. I’ve been lucky enough to participate in the 2016 and 2017 Open with her! I’ll hang on to whatever piece of equipment I can, but you’ll never see me lay on the ground after a workout because of a promise we made each other. 


  • CF-L1
  • CrossFit Specialty Course: Adaptive Training
  • Heartsaver First Aid

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