The Skill & Strength classes at Fearless Athletics are designed to prepare all members for mastery of the most important tool we use in CrossFit and Intensity training—the human body. Once an athlete has an understanding of how to move his/her own body’s weight through space, the understanding and ability to move objects becomes much clearer.

Fearless Athletics’ Skill & Strength curriculum includes various flexibility and mobility exercises to prep athlete’s joints prior to class. We spend a lot of time on development of the core at various points of the class and discuss stability and corrective movement wherever possible. Members are taken through a skill portion where progressions are introduced and practiced for more advanced skills normally found in our CrossFit and Intensity programming. Each class concludes with a gymnastics-based WOD, sometimes performed for execution and quality rather than time.  Workouts are challenging and fun, with a great emphasis on skill mastery.

In the month of April, all Monday, Wednesday and Friday classes will focus on muscle up strength development, while all Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday classes will work toward mastery and stability of the handstand + all of the cool tricks you can do once the handstand is perfected!

Skill & Strength classes are available to all members of Fearless Athletics.