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At Fearless Athletics we want to help you find the program that is the best fit for you, and to ensure you’ve received a solid foundation that you can confidently build upon when you start working out in our trainer-led group classes.

With those two goals in mind, all new members are required to successfully complete one of four Introductory Programs before choosing a monthly membership at Fearless Athletics.

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Sign up for On Ramp Group Training or our Fast Track Personal Training.

Prior CrossFit Experience?

Schedule a Personal Assessment with one of our trainers.

Group On-Ramp

This introductory program brings together a small group of people with two certified trainers. Here, you will be taken through an in-depth teaching of all the foundational movements. We explain theory, process and application and give you the opportunity to set a benchmark for your future training with us. Each class finishes with a CrossFit WOD (workout of the day) which will teach you how to find an appropriate level of scaling while building a solid understanding of what its like to be a member of Fearless Athletics.

The first two weeks of On Ramp includes six sessions and is a comprehensive introduction to both the CrossFit and Intensity programs at Fearless Athletics.

The final two weeks of your On Ramp program is an all-inclusive trial membership with access to unlimited workouts at both locations.

Your registration fee includes BOTH the two weeks of introductory lessons AND an additional two weeks of unlimited workouts!

Group On Ramps meet Monday, Wednesday and Friday unless otherwise noted in italics

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Fearless South Philly 

January 22 – February 2 at 8 PM

February 5 – February 16 at 8 PM

February 26 – March 9 at 8 PM

March 12 – March 23 at 8 PM

Fearless Penn’s Landing

January 22 – February 1 at 7PM**

February 5 – February 15 at 6 AM**

February 12 – February 22 at 7 PM**

March 5 – March 15 at 6 AM**

 **All Penn’s Landing On Ramps meets Mon-Wed-Thurs

Graduating: Please note all classes must be completed in order to graduate the On-Ramp and join as a member.

Missing Classes: Up to 2 missed classes can be made up through personal training makeup sessions, at $60 per session. Due to the fact that On-Ramp courses consist of a cohesive group and curriculum, if more than 2 are missed, another On-Ramp course must be taken.

$185 (6 Intro classes in first 2 weeks, followed by unlimited group classes in final two weeks!)
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Individual On-Ramp: The Fast Track

For those seeking a one-on-one introductory experience and/or our Group On-Ramp schedule do not meet your busy time demands, we offer an Individual On-Ramp option called the Fast Track. Due to the one-on-one format, we are able to condense the entire Group On-Ramp curriculum into five individual sessions.  We will pair you with a certified trainer and sessions are scheduled based on your availability and that of the assigned trainer. Have a friend that wants to join you? We also offer dual Fast Tracks at a discounted rate.

Graduating: Please note all classes must be completed in order to graduate the Individual On-Ramp and join as a member.

$315.00 (5 classes / 2 weeks)
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Skills Assessment

We offer a third option, a personal assessment, for those interested in transferring to Fearless Athletics from a registered CrossFit affiliate. After verifying your prior CrossFit training experience, we will schedule a one-hour assessment to gain an understanding of what you have learned and how you’ve been trained at your previous affiliate. This is an opportunity for you to meet and speak with one of our trainers, learn our movement standards and show your current level of conditioning.

The following movements are reviewed during your assessment: air squat, pushup, front squat, overhead squat, strict press, push press, push jerk, split jerk, deadlift, sumo-deadlift high-pull, clean, snatch, kipping pull-up, toes to bar, handstand push-up.

Next Step: Following the assessment, trainers reserve the right to recommend one or two personal training sessions if you have had a noticeable lapse or areas of great concern. Trainers may also recommend an entire On-Ramp if he/she feels that you will benefit from a comprehensive review of the foundational movements prior to joining as a member of our facility.

$60.00 (Per Assesment)
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LIFT: Individual On-Ramp (LIFT Fast Track)

For those seeking a one-on-one introductory experience into our brand new LIFT program. We have designed a three-session Fast Track series to safely teach the barbell and accessory movements found in our Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting and gymnastics classes. Foundational movements such as the squat, press and deadlift are introduced alongside basic gymnastics elements and various weightlifting drills for the snatch and clean & jerk.

*The LIFT program membership does not grant access to our CrossFit and Intensity classes. 

$185.00 (3 classes in 7-10 days)
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