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During this workshop, members will learn specific, important, and unique rowing movements like when to apply power through the drive, how quickly or slowly to return the handle to improve speed, and what to do if you are losing steam but want to stay consistent in power.
By using a “knowledge is power” approach, members will learn how small changes in the person’s form can dramatically improve one’s rowing performance, overall WOD time, endurance level, and mental toughness.
To teach novice rowers the value of stroke ratings, and keep people motivated, Maura is going to blast some sweet tunes during the “power strokes” portion of the workout, similar to spin classes where bikers pedal to the beats of the music. Rowers will erg to the rhythm of the music, and get to have some fun while focusing on form and power.
About Maura Kennedy
2000-04: Bishop Eustace Rowing Team
2003: US Rowing Junior National Development Team
2004: US Rowing Junior National Selection Team
2004-08: Boston University Women’s Rowing Team: Div. 1 Full Scholarship Student-Athlete
2008-09: Bishop Eustace Crew Coach
2016-17: University Barge Club Rower
Maura has been a member of the Fearless Athletics Intensity program since August 2017 and is excited to share her knowledge with us. This erg workshop is like none we have ever hosted–reserve your FREE spot today!