Meet The Fearless Athletics Members: Mike and Jenna Schieber!

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What made you decide to join Fearless Athletics and how long have you been a member?

Mike: I have always been interested in trying CrossFit, but was turned off by the regimented class structure and cost.  When Jenna and I moved to Old City and noticed we were right around the corner from Fearless Athletics, we decided to give it a try.  Bob and Bobbi were our On-Ramp instructors and created a great atmosphere to learn a new approach to exercise in a safe but effective manner. Big ups to them!

Jenna: In August 2014, Mike and I got engaged. We had talked about joining CrossFit for so long but we never pulled the trigger. The day after we got engaged, well, you kind of feel unstoppable. We were on top of the world! It was a Sunday and we were just wandering around Old City like we always do, but we came across Adam at the Penn’s Landing location and were convinced that this was the place to begin our CrossFit journey. And I guess at the time we figured we were about to spend a ton of money on a wedding—why not CrossFit?


What are your fitness goals?

Mike: My main focus is to gain muscular strength and endurance; however, I enjoy the camaraderie created by the struggles endured during the conditioning WOD’s of the CrossFit program and find it hard to pull totally towards Power or Olympic Weightlifting, although I love that Fearless offers such a variety in the programming. Ultimately as I get older I would like my body to feel strong and healthy.

Jenna: My fitness goals are pretty simple. I guess we are all a little vain, right? Mike and I plan to have a baby relatively soon, so I want to get in the best possible shape to help me bounce back post-baby. I told Mike I wouldn’t have a baby until I have a six-pack—I’m almost there! Beyond that I like seeing the progress I’ve made at Fearless. I like setting goals for myself and achieving them, it feels great. Recently, I was able to do 20 consecutive double- unders, which was pretty cool. Thanks to Matt for making me practice every day.


Talk to us about your athletic background. What did you do prior to training at Fearless Athletics?

Mike: I grew up playing several sports but through my twenties, mostly worked out at a nearby gym. Before that, Jenna and I co-founded and coached a Students Run Philly Style team at George Washington High School. I hated running—especially training for marathons every year but I liked the students and loved running with Jenna. She seemed to like it, so I guess I was really just running after her?

Jenna: I grew up playing soccer, dancing, and playing sports. At around 20, I joined Planet Fitness and my mom and I would work out together in the evenings. When I moved in with Mike, we started working out together and went to a few different gyms around the city. I always liked working out with a buddy or in a group. I trained with Mike and my students and ran three full marathons, which was huge for me because I was never a runner.


What type of diet do you follow?

Mike: I mostly eat chicken, rice, chicken, chicken, chicken and chicken.  Jenna is also obsessed with Mexican food, so I get my fair share of tacos and burritos.  Coffee is also a favorite of mine!

Jenna: I have been a vegetarian for 21 years. More recently, I have given up dairy, which has been more of a challenge but if you know me well enough, you know when I commit to something I don’t go back. My favorite thing to eat is burritos and they are super vegan friendly. A vegan and a CrossFitter walk into a bar…you know how the rest goes!


Favorite movements in the CrossFit/Intensity program? Least favorite?

Mike: My favorite moments are during the really challenging WODs—the workouts that push you and everyone working out with you to their limits.  To me, that is what CrossFit is mostly about—pushing yourself to do what at one point wasn’t possible for you to do.  My least favorite moments happen during the workouts that push you and everyone working out with you to their limits. It’s that horrible moment when you have to push yourself to do what at one point wasn’t possible.

Jenna: I love meeting everyone Fearless. Everyone is so nice! The community is my favorite part. I love my instructors. I am a teacher and love feeling like a student in class. I am always the one talking when I’m not supposed to. I’d say that skill-wise, double unders are my favorite. I’ll never forget ringing the PR bell after I achieved my goal of 20 consecutive double unders. My least favorite part? Going too hard on the rower! But I am always proud of myself for pushing to finish.


Tell us one thing that most people don’t know about the each of you

Mike: I have a growing fear of heights. When Jenna and I hiked the Inca Trail, on multiple occasions she and the woman hiking with us had to hold my hands as I pushed my back against the mountain and shimmied myself through the narrow passes.

Jenna: I wish I could immerse myself in other cultures more often. Mike and I try to travel as much as we can. I have a sense of adventure and I really like going to places that are going to give me a thrill.


How has being a member of Fearless Athletics impacted your lives?

Mike: Over the past year, Fearless has went from being a new gym that I workout at to a major part of my life. As my fitness level increased, I had to upgrade my membership because three days a week just wasn’t enough. I try to workout five days a week when I can. It not only increased my fitness levels but also my energy and confidence levels outside of the gym.

Jenna: I love how I feel during and after workouts. If I had a tough day at work, an Intensity class always makes me feel better. Mike and I love that we have met so many great and interesting people. We want all of our friends and family to join. Mike and I both enjoy it so much and even though we aren’t in the same program, we can relate to what each other are doing. Joining Fearless has made me so happy!




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