Meet The Fearless Athletics Member: Brett Molash!

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What made you decide to join Fearless Athletics and how long have you been a member?

My coworker, who also happens to be a member, first introduced me to Fearless and CrossFit and recommended I give it a shot.  He would show me some of the workouts that he would do and I became interested in learning more.  I also became interested in the different types of classes offered, such as the Gymnastics classes and Olympic Weightlifting program. I finally said, “screw it” and signed up for the On-Ramp to see if it was right for me. I have been a member now for a year and four months with no plans on stopping.


What are your fitness goals?

Originally, when I first joined Fearless, my fitness goals were to get back in shape. Prior to joining I was completing my masters in engineering while working full time so my fitness suffered a bit due to the lack of free time and stress eating. Now that I am back on track, my fitness goals have shifted to strengthening my Olympic lifts and squats, and to participate in some CrossFit competitions along the way. I competed in Festivus Games this past spring and am participating in the South Philly Rumble in the fall.


Talk to us about your athletic background. What did you do prior to training at Fearless Athletics?

I have always been an athletic person. I started taking gymnastics classes at the age of 7 and continued until the age of 15. When I started high school, my parents wanted me to be more socially active seeing as how I was training 20+ hours a week at the gym so an old gymnastics friend convinced me to join the swimming and diving team. After my sophomore year I made the switch from gymnastics to diving and I went on to compete at the collegiate level on scholarship at Western Kentucky and Drexel. It was during my training in college that I was first introduced to the Olympic lifts, squats and box jumps as part of our supplemental weight training. Following my collegiate career I stayed involved in the sport of diving, coaching a junior Olympic team, and on occasion, as the assistant coach of the collegiate team. I joined a local gym, taking boot camp and yoga classes while lifting weights a few days a week.


What type of diet do you follow?

I don’t follow any specific program. I try to eat healthy during the week with protein and vegetables and on occasion adding rice or quinoa.  I don’t feel guilty if I eat a few cookies every now and then but I just try and stay consistent as much as possible. My diet is something that I have struggled with in the past, but as I get older I am realizing how important it is for training and reaching my goals.


Favorite movements in the CrossFit program? Least favorite?

My favorite movements in the CrossFit program are definitely the Olympic lifts, specifically the snatch. I also enjoy the gymnastic movements involving handstand walks and holds, and any day that squats are involved is a good day. My least favorite movements are those that involve slam balls, whether running with it or slamming it—those things are just plain evil.


Tell us one thing that most people don’t know about you.

One thing that most people don’t know about me is that I am a video game geek. I read a lot of blogs about them, and I am currently playing a few games at the moment on multiple systems and I play a lot of JRPGs.


How has being a member of Fearless Athletics impacted your life?

Fearless and CrossFit has really reinvigorated my love for fitness. When I was working out at the local gym I would get bored with my routine, hated leg days, and make excuses for leaving early or skipping all together. Now I try to make a class or workout as much as I can usually 5 or 6 days a week. I also make my fitness a priority in my life by either pushing dinner plans out later so I can get a workout in or showing up for the Saturday morning WOD regardless of the prior evening’s adventures. There is also the entertaining eye roll from other people when they hear I do CrossFit. Hopefully they will see for themselves that this training program truly is a game changer.



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