June/July Focus: Endurance!

Our CF & Intensity focus for June and July will be Endurance.  In CrossFit, this does not necessarily mean long, slow distance.  Rather it is simply the body’s ability to gather, process, and deliver oxygen.  I like to think of it as one’s ability to maintain an unsustainable pace longer than he or she was able to previously.  In addition to running, rowing, and movements that get the heart rate up quickly (such as kettlebell swings, Olympic Lifting, and Double Unders), you’ll find a lot of focus on midline stability in both programs to ensure that form does not break down under higher reps. (Static holds, GHD Work, Core & Posterior Chain work)

CrossFit’s strength training may bring in some higher rep schemes to work muscular endurance (stamina), and Intensity will add in more gymnastics strength and skill training during our endurance cycle as well.

Our Benchmark tests will include:  Tabata workouts for lowest reps, time trials for running and rowing, Filthy Fifty and Fight Gone Bad (Championship edition)