October Monthly Focus: Balance, Coordination, Agility, and Flexibility

The upcoming monthly focus for October will touch on the general physical skills which are “less sexy” but just as important as the others:  Balance, Coordination, Agility, and Flexibility.

Things to look for during the month:

Flexibility – Mobility movements included in the warmup more frequently

Agility – Footwork and movements requiring changes of direction, Double Unders!!!

Balance – Pistols, Handstands, work requiring core engagement and stabilization, single arm movements

Coordination – Kettlebell work, Olympic Lifting, Kipping Pullups, Muscle Ups, and other gymnastics work & core-to-extremity movements.

Our “test” for the month in CrossFit will be the benchmark workout “Mary”

We asked a few coaches their thoughts on the upcoming month and to share what they enjoy training for optimal flexibility, agility, balance and coordination. Check it out here!