Fearless Philosophy & Mission

Fearless Athletics is dedicated to helping all motivated individuals achieve their full potential through challenging, quality athletic movement.

The Fearless Athletics Belief System

  • The precision and difficulty of true athletic exercise can be a means of achieving not only physical strength and well-being, but also of finding personal growth, self-discovery, and innate power.
  • Everyone is capable of being physically, mentally, and spiritually stronger than they were yesterday and true failure happens only when you stop trying.
  • The true realization of one’s value lies not in validation from others, but in overcoming personal limitations.
  • Strength is not just about achieving greater physical feats, but also about staring down demons of self-doubt, self-limitation, and fear in the process.
  • The key to true success in life lies in being FEARLESS.

The Fearless Story


Founded by Wil Vicinus, offered outdoor CrossFit-inspired boot camp training wherever he could find the space and time.



CrossFit South Philly became a registered Philadelphia CrossFit affiliate and began offering basic CrossFit training outdoors. Although we didn’t have WODs (workouts of the day) there often, our sessions at the basketball court underneath I-95 at Front Street and Washington Avenue in South Philadelphia (where we could hang more pull-up bars and gymnastic rings) got us a brief reputation as “The Crazy People Working Out Under the Bridge”.



After one tough winter, it was time to move indoors to a small garage space on Alter Street, near 8th Street and Washington Avenue. We spent the next few years refining our Fearless fitness programming and building CrossFit training expertise while developing a closely-knit community of Fearless Athletes & Members. Several of our highly qualified CrossFit trainers came from this awesome community.



Now known as Fearless Athletics | CrossFit South Philly, moved into our new home a spacious 4500 square foot facility at 11th and Fitzwater Streets. Here, Fearless Athletics | CrossFit South Philly continues—to this day—its Fearless mission to deliver only the highest quality athletic movement to all motivated individuals. CrossFit South Philly boasts the recognition of being Philadelphia’s oldest and longest running CrossFit facility.



Offering 100 classes per week at CrossFit South Philly wasn’t enough, and Vicinus, with the help of new partners, open Fearless Athletics | CrossFit Penn’s Landing—an even more spacious 5600 square foot facility at 126 Race Street. Here, Fearless Athletics becomes the first CrossFit affiliate to offer CrossFit training to Philadelphia’s historic Old City neighborhood.

Members and friends of Fearless Athletics now have a combined 10,000+ square feet of prime training space to meet their fitness and wellness goals.



Proudly brought two new initiatives to further our reach to our friends and neighbors within the community.

  1. Human Strength offers a free weekly CrossFit class to individuals in substance abuse recovery.
  2. Opened our Fearless Athletics Steve’s Club program as part of the Steve’s Club National Program, which brings training to underserved youth.